Alexander Rose (gwander) wrote,
Alexander Rose

Climbing In South East Asia

This is the Meta Page with links and quick descriptions of the climbing sites we visited in South East Asia. There are notes on some places that we visited but could NOT climb as well just for general info. Each link points to a climbing site we visited in Viet Nam, Laos, Philippines, East Malaysia (Borneo), West Malaysia, and Thailand. Please note that you may need to scroll down ofter clicking the link to get to the part about climbing that site. Also note that most nitty gritty details are in the "comments" link at the bottom of each entry. I also took GPS readings at just about every place we went. Feel free to email me to get that data if its not posted (zander at longnow dot com)

I would say the best place to start if you are doing research for a trip is's website in the S. E. Asia section and forum. Since starting this trip I have also found out about a book called "Exotic Rock" that looks as though it may cover climbing in a lot of these areas. I have to get a copy to confirm how good or up to date it is though.

  • The best info we got ahead of time was from's discussion forum
  • Our pics can be seen ON THIS LINK
  • We picked up 'Wees Rocks' which has less detailed info than Kings, but what is there is less wrong. I will be publishing all the errata I found in both books here soon. (one of the climbers with us also had the Kings Book)
  • There was at least one great rebolting effort I saw going on by one guy. I donated 1000 baht to him when I saw him. My only wish was that I had brough more slings and beaners etc to donate to anchors and threads that really needed them.
  • I have also submitted all my GPS points to

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